Prolegal Shield Network


Welcome to Prolegal Shield Network!


RLS Law Center is dedicated to providing effective legal solutions tailored to your unique needs. With this in mind, RLS came up with an innovative way to solve different legal needs, questions and problems and that is the PROLEGAL SHIELD NETWORK (PSN).

PSN is a members’ only network providing online legal technology and services. Our goal is to make the process of drafting legal documents, filing and prosecuting cases efficiently and effectively. 

By signing up for a PSN account, members will be entitled to exclusive law services that enable members to perform do-it-yourself legal activities or transactions such as:

 Unlimited Access to Self-Help Legal Forms (Under Supervision of a RLS Lawyer)

 Easy-to-Follow Legal Procedures (Under Supervision of a RLS Lawyer)

 Law-related Informational Videos

 Interactive Chat Messaging System

 Database of Laws, Jurisprudence and

 Special Personal Appearance for Lawyers


To gain access and enjoy exclusive services, you must:

1) Register via our website –

2) Agree and accept all the terms and conditions as expressly referenced in the terms of membership;

3) Fill-up the application form with all necessary information;

4) Pay initial sign-up registration fee;

5) Wait for the user access name and password; and

6) Enjoy unlimited and exclusive access to all in-app services and benefits.


Before becoming a member, it is understood that there is NO ATTORNEY-CLIENT RELATIONSHIP created by becoming a member of PSN.

Note: To keep your account/membership active member must:

1) Keep payments updated;

2) Prevent sharing access codes to third parties except immediate family members (parents, sibling, spouse and children) and/or those not mentioned previously but is living in the same household;

3) Use the network only for its intended purpose. 

Violation of the terms of use and service would automatically cancel services rendered 
and deny member access to such account.